Blogger leaks actor Godwin Maduagu’s gay video online

Actor cum Model, Godwin Maduagu’s explicit video has surfaced online following a leak from a popular controversial Instagram blogger, Gistlovers.

According to the blog, Godwin and his partner agreed to record themselves while carrying out their sexcapedes.

However, they also reportedly agreed to let the video be in Godwin’s phone alone and never let it out. Unfortunately for Godwin, his partner transferred the video to his own phone and it leaked later.

The blog also reported that there are more videos that are similar to the leaked video. However, the video was shared to buttress the point that there are a lot of gay actors in the movie industry.

The blog added: “them plenty. some of them dey comedy industry, some of them are married disgusting, but Na one by one we go dey settle the matter, abi we should release list?”

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  1. How is this possible…is the male anues designed to accommodate penis….my Goodness….these people…may the God have mercy and deliver you guys…. Many are lured into this dirty act just for movie roles…others for money and connection people have really gone astray..Lord have mercy…

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