Alleged arrested ESN commander reveals those behind INEC Office attack in Imo (Video)

The forty-year-old man who identified himself as Ejima from Atta in Njaba Local Government Area in Imo State has revealed some information about the attack on the INEC offices.

In a video going viral on Facebook, Ejima mentions names of fellow criminals who and sponsors, both abroad and in Nigeria while being interviewed by the press.

In speaking about the INEC attackers, Ejima said that they must be boys once under a certain person he identifies as Temple. He says he could conclude so because they, after leaving Temple, came to reside in Owerri, and the information he got was that the attackers of INEC carried out the operation from Owerri.

The commander also said that he has been a part of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) for about two years. He mentions that he and his boys in Njaba L.G.A. camp behind a police station in Afoaka, even though they have deserted that meeting place for the past six or seven months because he himself was on the run to escape from the Police who were after him.

Ejima also further reveals that he and his men were behind the kidnap and murder of the ruler of Ebeteghete community in Njaba L.G.A. on the 8th of December, saying that the shooters were three people of his group whom he identified as Freeman, Sky and Number One.

In stating their sponsors, Ejima mentioned one Chinasa Nworu who stays abroad. He identifies the Chinasa Nworu as a commander of ESN, saying that he advices them to attack and kill any member of the Ebubeagu militants wherever they are seen. Added to the sponsors Ejima mentioned are Okey Foreign, sponsoring from abroad, and Vitalis Awunezi who sponsors from within Nigeria.

The interview concludes with Ejima mentioning Temple as the source of their weapons in response to a question thrown to him by the press.

Watch video from the interview below.

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