Family of slain Kolade Johnson demands justice

The family lawyer of slain Kolade Johnson, Wale Ademoyejo, has demanded for justice over the gruesome murder of the 2012 University of Benin Business Management and Enonomics graduate.

He said Johnson, who was killed by trigger-happy policemen, while watching English Premiership match last Sunday in Onitepesi, Lagos, must not die in vain.

Ademoyejo said on Tuesday in the family’s residence that the death of Johnson must teach policemen how to use their guns.

He said: “What we are seeking is justice. Justice not only for the father, not only for the person that was killed but for the whole community and Nigeria as a whole.

“So, if you allow them go scot free with this particular action, they will continue to do the same thing and we want that to stop.

“Who knows, the Commissioner of Police in Lagos could be the Inspector General tomorrow. They should start from now and start reorienting the police on how to use gun.

“Gun is not a toy. If Nigerians are so used to watching home videos and taking it to reality, they should re-orientate them.”

He added: “The way Nigerian Police behave, this should have been a good opportunity to let the police know that they don’t know how to use gun.

“The philosophy behind the use of gun should be observed properly and the truth is I have seen a police man using his gun to open a bottle of beer.

“Is that how it is done? If you say you have freedom of using gun, has it ever been heard that a police officer faces his mother and shoot her or faces his son or brother or any member of his family?

“But all they can do is to shoot people any how just to prove a point. What kind of point? They have power to take life, who gave them that power?

“There is a social contract delegate that power to them? And why should you now turn back against those people who gave you that power.

He continued: “Secondly, if you look at the Nigeria armed forces, they don’t use gun anyhow and they could use the gun.

“They are trained to kill but they do not use it except it is absolutely necessary with order from above. They don’t abuse the gun but use it wisely.

“The Nigerian police should talk to their people, retrain them how to use gun and they should let them know the philosophy behind the usage of gun and it should be the last option and it could be used after taking the last order from their superior officer.”

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