Four-year-old dies during feeding hours at his school in Abuja

Miguel Ovoke, a four-year-old boy, and a student of BrickHall Schools in Abuja, died while eating at his school on Wednesday, April 24.

It was reported that the boy started choking up while he was eating, he was then rushed to Excel Specialist Hospital, in the nation’s capital.

The death certificate issued by the hospital revealed that the four-year-old boy passed away after he was brought in by his teachers around 11am in an unconscious state.

The medical team of the hospital said upon examination, that the boy’s pupils were fixed and dilated, with a nonreactive response to light.

The doctors also mentioned that his peripheral pulses were said to be “impalpable, blood pressure was unrecordable, and there was no cardiopulmonary activity or respiratory excursions, silent chest.”

Report indicated that all efforts of the medical team to revive the boy failed, giving a final report that he was “Brought in Dead.”

According to the publication, the parents of the deceased, suspecting foul play, have contacted a human rights lawyer, Deji Adeyanju, to handle the case on their behalf.

Meanwhile, the school’s management has not issued any official statement concerning the matter.