How I almost committed suicide, actor Kunle Remi

The death of American DJ, Stephen tWitch Boss has stirred Nigerian actor, Kunle Remi to open up about his past struggles with depression.

Speaking about the difficult time he had in 2017, Remi said he almost committed suicide back then.

The Anikulapo star made the revelation in a video he shared on his Instagram page on Thursday.

Reacting to DJ tWitch’s death, Remi said is was sad to hear the new that American dancer cum DJ died by suicide on Wednesday.

Remi also went on to encourage men to open up about their struggles and pains, admonishing them to take a break every once in a while when life gets overwhelming, saying he had been there before.

He added that it was the grace of God that saw him through the trying time.

Remi said, “Yesterday the news broke of DJ Twitch’s passing by suicide and it was a very sad news but I can absolutely relate to that. It’s never really fine as we say even though we always act like it’s fine. We go through a lot as men.

“I remember in 2017 I had series of tweet that I went on to delete. It was very suicidal. Someone called me a year later and said I should go delete those tweets, I was going through a lot, I was overwhelmed, I was thinking too much of my career, am I doing enough, am I enough, am I with the right person, so many thoughts in my mind.

“At a point I could not take it, I felt so useless, not enough, incompetent, even though it was the contrary of what I felt, I was beating myself too much, then I started to tweet randomly and I was very close to jumping off the bridge or just taking my life. It took the grace of God for me to scale through that.

“I usually bottle up, I don’t share stuff but I learnt to become better doing that. And I just want to share a word with every man out there. Look it’s not easy and it’s not going to be easy, but talk to someone. Always have someone in your corner that you can talk too and open up with.

“Life is beautiful but it doesn’t guarantee that it will be smooth all the time but we need to always find a balance and choose happiness over being sad. I’ve been there, I’ve gone through it.

“Right now I still caution myself, I take life one day at a time, once I get overwhelmed I shut down. Depression, mental health are very important. We can do better. Just thought to share.”