Melinda Gates donates $150M to WHO, slams Trump for stopping U.S funding

Melinda Gates has slammed U.S. President Donald Trump for pulling funding from the World Health Organization (WHO) in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Melinda described Trump’s move as dangerous and nonsensical.

She spoke Wednesday when she announced an extra $150 million of funding from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to WHO.

The money is to help speed the development of treatments, vaccines and public health measures to tackle the new coronavirus outbreak.

Melinda Gates said the WHO is “exactly the organization that can deal with this pandemic”.

“De-funding the WHO makes absolutely no sense during a pandemic. We need a global coordinated response,” Gates, who co-chairs the foundation with the billionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, said in a telephone interview.

“When you’re in a crisis like this, it’s all hands on deck.”

President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday a halt in U.S. funding to the WHO, saying it had “failed in its basic duty” in allowing the pandemic to take hold.

The Gates Foundation is the second largest donor to the WHO behind the United States.

Melinda Gates said earlier that cutting WHO funding in a health crisis was “as dangerous as it sounds”.

The WHO’s Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday he regretted Trump’s decision. He said the organization was still assessing the impact and would “try to fill any gaps with partners”.

The philanthropic Gates Foundation’s new $150 million commitment brings its COVID-19 funding for the international response to date to $250 million.

Melinda Gates said any gap left in the WHO’s funding would be very hard for others to fill.

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1 thought on “Melinda Gates donates $150M to WHO, slams Trump for stopping U.S funding

  1. Mrs Gate has no moral right to call Trump’s decision dangerous and nonsensical!
    What is more dangerous than sponsoring the development of biological agents that are harmful to humans in the name of research for vaccines? What is more nonsensical than planning to control human beings through nanochips?
    The money she and her husband give to WHO, what has the organization done with it to even control the virus?
    Was it not WHO that kept quiet while the virus was spreading from China to other nations? Where lies the efficiency of a body as huge as WHO if they cannot identify and control a dangerous pathogen weeks after it has been spreading.
    The question is, if WHO is independent, and does not have the amount of preparedness and alertness to recognize and curb a pandemic in time, what are they doing with their funds?
    Trump is very right to demand an explanation.
    Mrs Gate should rather explain to the people why her husband is so interested in controlling WHO when WHO is not a computer software cooperation.

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