No food for South West until Fulanis are safe – Miyetti Allah

Coordinator of the Kwara State chapter of Miyetti Allah Association of Cattle Breeders, Aliyu Mohammed, has said that the blockage of cattle and foodstuffs to the South West through Kwara State will continue until the safety of Fulani is guaranteed in the region.

Mohammed speaking to newsmen after a crucial meeting of the association in Ilorin on Sunday, said the action is a warning shot to ensure a peaceful operation of businesses by the Fulani and to end the harassment of the tribe in the south.

He also said not all Fulani are criminals, adding “Just as you have in any society where there are good and bad people.”

Mohammed insisted that “It is not only Fulanis that commit crimes in the country, but it was sad that everything happening now is heaped on Fulani herdsmen.”

The coordinator said the association was ready to fish out the bad eggs in their midst.

According to him, “We have concluded at our meeting today that anybody who comes to Kwara State claiming to be Fulani herder under questionable circumstances, will be reported to the security agencies for necessary action.

“Our vigilantes will monitor the bush and the forests where there are no security agencies and report suspected cattle rustlers who disguise as cattle herders to perpetrate crimes,” he added.

Mohammed appealed to the Federal government to arrest Sunday Igboho, who evicted the Fulani from Igangan in Ibarapa Local Government Area of Oyo State, for the alleged destruction of their properties and killing of their people.

He, however, commended Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq for his statesmanship in accommodating and cooperating to ensure the safe landing of Fulanis in the state.

1 thought on “No food for South West until Fulanis are safe – Miyetti Allah

    Go to blazes with your foods and cows.Who want to befriend death?
    You had better relocate to Sambisa forest and establish your bloodbath and animalistic Calliphate.
    You and your brothers will be competing for the throne of terror.

    Miyetti Allah leaders must be arrested,prosecuted and be jailed.
    It’s evident that Miyetti Allah is a terrorists organisation.Therefore must be banned from existence.
    Sequel to their destruction of lives and property across the country.
    Meyetti Allah’s having rejected the idea of modernity and gregariousness of man,the organisation should be excommunicated.
    Calling for the arrest of Sunday Igboho exercising his civil rights to defend himself,his people and the nation from Fulanis terrorist is an invitation to war.
    Are you blind to see the atrocities of your organisation across the country?Is it only your tribe that lives in Nigeria?Nonsense!!
    You will soon beg to bring your stuffs down to the west.Take your blood breeds products to Sambisa.
    The west must block you when you are ready to come back.The West is your largest market.Brainless folks.
    Are you fulani than Sultan of Sokoto,than Gandunje,who had confirmed the nefarious activities of your members.Or are you fulani than Gunmi the arrow head and spokesperson of the Fulani bandits?
    Our voices are so loud.You can’t stop or threatening us with your food without market better than the West.Oh sorry!So you deployed your killers men to stop us from farming,in order to surrender to your whims and caprices?You had miscalculated.No hidden place for killers herders.

    The ideas that you had concluded to send your men to our forest to fish out your criminal herders members,is Lions pretence to Buffalo’s to be vegetarians.Or Hawks an innocence midwifery to mother hen.
    We don’t need your policing service in the west.North deserves more of your acrimonious service.The entire Nigerian armed forces is struggling to keep peace in the north east.Please,extend your freelance service to the north.Hope it will be better useful and appreciated.

    You can’t survive the war your people are calling for in the west.
    That it rained on a Lion does not turn it to an ordinary cat.Your case is typo of a rainbirds(Eluulu)that call for rain.Seek a generous Yoruba for the interpretation.

    Make peace or quit the land.The better choice is for the wise.
    Imagine!Criminals and troublers of Nigerian peaceful coexistence,
    calling on the Federal government to arrest someone defending his right against nuisance,criminals,
    tresspassers,callous,wicked,inhuman,invaders,murderers,enemies,and unrepentant barbaric killers?
    I don’t blame you,but the bunch of idiots representing us up there!

    I can only pray for your madness to persist,as it’s creating open and sad awareness to the failing unproductive and exploitative marriage of doom of 1914.
    Be warned!You have touched the Crocodiles tail.
    This nonsense must stop!

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