Peter Obi does not have the experience to run Nigeria – Okowa

Delta state governor and PDP Vice Presidential candidate, Ifeanyi Okowa, has lashed out out Peter Obi, saying that the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party doesn’t have the ‘experience’ deep enough to be President of Nigeria.

Okowa made the comment while speaking in an interview with BBC Pidgin.

He said, “I did not say he won’t have any votes, he will have. But what I’m saying is that he’s not a new candidate. It has not been long since he left PDP. You know he was in APGA before, from APGA he came to PDP. It hasn’t been long since he left (PDP) so he cannot say anything about PDP because that’s where he was before.

“Some of us are still here. At every party, there are good people and bad people. But today’s Nigeria is very troubled and we need the right person. That is why I am appealing to our youths to be wise and vote well. They should not be blinded by the concept of a false change because that is how they raved on Jonathan in 2015.

“His (Obi) previous experience is not enough for this one (presidency), it will be hard. His experience is not deep enough. Even as a current governor ruling in a time of crisis, I know how hard it is. I even want to learn under Atiku because he has experience with the federal government.

,The thing is not easy. For them to have handled the economy at that time and made it something better, offering hope, creating jobs, and filtering the society, was not easy because it’s a bigger thing. So someone is supposed to learn through that. If you look at Obi’s experience you’ll know it’s small” he said.

1 thought on “Peter Obi does not have the experience to run Nigeria – Okowa

  1. That is a foolish and idiotic statement. Assuming your candidate wins and dies in office, will you count yourself experienced to take up the job or you will call for new elections. Some of you outdated politicians make outrageous comments that help in mockery of where you come from. Peter Obi has been Governor long before you. Atiku hasn’t been President. I’m happy you said the youths should be wise in voting. They have already been OBI-DIENT so there’s nothing you can do about it. These two main parties have helped in destroying the main fabric of the country. It’s no more lack of structures, but now experience. What experience does Tinubu have that Peter Obi doesn’t have and even more and better. What are you saying about BAT in experience, perhaps better than Atiku, according to your argument. Peter Obi’s campaign is giving all of you sleepless nights, so allow him and the youths to take over the country and see how Nigeria will be transformed in a few years.

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