Photos: Corps member who died after washing hair with Sniper buried amid tears

A female member of the National Youth Service Corps scheme serving in Osun State, Ayomikun Ademorayo Juliana, on Sunday died after she reportedly washed her hair with Sniper, an insecticide, to eliminate lice.

Ayomikun was serving with the Osun State House of Assembly, according to some reports on Facebook.

The Punch reported that Ayomikun, an orphan, discovered lice in her hair while preparing for a new hairdo to mark her birthday on July 18.

The discovery greatly unsettled her so much that she was advised to apply sniper as an antidote. She reportedly took the sniper to her hairdresser, to apply on her hair.

But the sniper triggered an unexpected reaction. According to a Facebook account, blood started coming out from her mouth, nose and ears. The first hospital, where she was taken rejected her, before being admitted at Our Lady of Fatima hospital, in Osogbo.

PUNCH Metro said the doctor on duty declared her dead on arrival.

Ayomikun was an orphan with two dependent siblings. One is in secondary school and the other in a primary school in Lagos.

The deceased, who studied Human Kinetics at the Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, it was learnt, lost her mother in June this year, while her father died some years ago.

Ademorayo was buried on Monday in Osogbo, with all the NYSC honours.

On her Facebook page, she indicated in her profile that she went to Babcock University high school for her secondary education.

23 thoughts on “Photos: Corps member who died after washing hair with Sniper buried amid tears

  1. If the story of her death is true, then I wonder what’s driving our young people to mysterious deaths.. Of course there are better and other ways of getting rid of hair lice, instead of d use an insecticide without even consulting anyone.. May her soul rest in peace

    1. She was ignorant not stupid please…All humans are vulnerable to die from one ignorance or the other

    2. why the word stupid Ify Kalu?, ain’t u being senseless in using that word on a dead person?

  2. I wonder why a graduate will wash her hair with a hard absorb chemical which can damage the body,the head absorb the chemical through the hair,all our body is full of hole and that’s why whatever who use on our body tells into our system.That your guy won’t stop loving women,so why the ignorance, RIP corper

  3. In life mistakes are bound to happen but not to be carried away by them, in everything there is a lesson for others who live to learn from. May her gentle soul rest in peace .Amen

  4. It’s just a sad story to tell, no one no the time he/she will die and no body know what will happen before he/she will die, stop blaming her for that. May her gentle soul rest in peace.

    1. Ignorance is really a disaseae. With her level of education she should be well informed, even on the sniper it will be there written not to be applied to the body. So many death are avoidable. So it was applied on her at the salon? That salon person have a hand in it also. You all should face the fact that this her death is as a result of ignorance which is avoidable and stop that crap that death will come so hers came already. Go and stand in front of dangote trailer and say your death have already come or not.

      1. You have a point, but the last sentence in your comment is quite funny. abeg don’t try this o

  5. The deed is done nothing can bring her to life again. I want us to know that every single soul will die when the time comes the death used that as a sign. R I P

  6. We should not forget that no one is perfect in this world. Even the food you bought in the market can send you to early grave. This world itself, is a game. So, we are all players on the field, playing.

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