Photos: You have to see these beautiful houses built with shipping containers

Who says you need blocks to build a house? You will be surprised to know that these beautiful homes and shops are actually redesigned from shipping containers. Yes, you heard right! Shipping containers were reused and turned into beautiful places of residence and places of business.

This is Adriance container house located in Blue Hill, Maine, United States. It was designed by architect Adam Kalkin. The 4,000 square fEEt home is made from 12 separate shipping containers. PHOTO: Adam Kalkin.

Shipping containers or freight containers are reusable transport and storage units for moving products and raw materials between locations or countries. Today, there are more than 17 million shipping containers in service all over the world.

Several millions of these containers are being discarded by shipping companies due to the cost associated with sending them back to their port of origin, but some smart people have found ingenious ways of putting such discarded containers to use.

All around the world, shipping containers are being used to design beautiful homes where people can comfortably live as captured in the pictures below:

This container guest house was designed by Poteet architects and it is located in San Antonio, United States. PHOTO: Chris Cooper.
This beautiful container house named Casa Incobor was built around an existing cedar tree in Costa Rica. It was designed using eight shipping containers by Maria Jose Trejos. PHOTO: Sergio Pucci.
This is Glassberg container house. It is made of five shipping containers, beautifully painted in a turquoise blue colour. PHOTO: BNIM Architects.
The Grillagh Water House is a modern house located on the bank of the Grillagh rivers in Northern Ireland. It was built by architect Patrick Bradley. PHOTO: Aidan Monaghan. 
This wonderful shipping container home named Casa El. Tiemblo was constructed in the form of an L-shape. It is located in Spain and was designed by James & Mau architects. 
The Cordell container house was built using four shipping containers and created by architect Christopher Robertson. It is located in Texas, United States. 
This house, called a Caterpillar House because it is made up of twelve shipping containers, was built in 2012 by Sebastian Irarrazaval. It is located in Lo Barnecha, Chile. PHOTO: Sergio Pirrone.
This beach house was designed by Demaria. Located in California, United States of America, it was built with eight shipping containers. PHOTO: Demaria.

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