Sad backwardness: Doctor Olufunmilayo reveals what doctors earned in Nigeria in 2014 and Now

Nigerian-born medical doctor, Olufunmilayo Ogunsanya has revealed how Nigerian doctors got paid more 10 years ago than they are paid today.

Using his personal experience, the UK-based Nigerian doctor, said, “Back in 2014, When I worked in university college hospital ibadan as a fresh medical doctor from university, I was paid 174,000naira/month. 1£ was 250naira at the time, so this was £696 per month.

Anyway guess what? Today in 2023, medical house officers are still being paid that exact same 174,000naira/month. Today 1£ is about 1,160 Naira, so these doctors are paid £150 per month.

In other words, For the same job, while we were paid almost £700 a month, medical doctors doing the same thing in nigeria are being paid £150 about 10years later.

So the salary has been devalued by about 4.5 times what it used to be. And people are now in-fact paid 4.5 times less than what we were paid about 10years ago- yet there has been NO salary increase.

Now ask yourself: Has the price of goods gone down by 4 times what it was back then? Of course not. For instance, Pure water sachet used to be 5naira, I’m hearing it’s 20naira now.

Anyway the point of this article is to address those who have no idea about how horrifying the systematic progressive and constant destruction of people’s earning power over the last 10 years.

The dehumanisation of the Nigerian citizen by the Nigeria government through years of deliberate bad policy, blatant stealing, economic misadventure, and outright wickedness is really such a sad sight to behold.

And the analysis up there is for doctors- just to give you an idea of how a doctor’s life and finances can be slowly ruined over time by our country.

Now imagine what life will be like for people who don’t even have a good job or any job at all?”

Doctor Olufunmilayo Ogunsanya recently made news after the United Kingdom’s Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service cleared him of the rape accusation made by his ex-girlfriend, Bolanle Aseyan. Read More HERE.