The Ekweremadus await their fate, intercessions made their behalf

Several Nigerians and Africans have continued to beg the UK Court to pardon Ex-Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu and his wife, Beatrice, for organ harvesting. These include members of the Ikeoha Mpu Pacesetters League (IMPL) in a last-minute plea, asking that the accused be forgiven unconditionally.

Meantime, the people of Mpu community held a prayer vigil till the morning of yesterday to pray for divine intervention on the matter. They said the absence of the deputy speaker, who had made positive impact on the people and surroundings of Aniri LGA, is a cause for great distress.

Similarly, the members of the IMPL, an association empowered and sponsored by Senator Ekweremadu, had said his downfall will negatively impact thousands.

President-General of the Association, Chijioke Benjamin Ezekwe, defended the Senator and his wife in a press statement, saying that their action was only a way to save their sick daughter. Being one of the thousands to gain from the Ikeoha Foundation Education Scheme, Ezekwe urged the UK Government to consider his contributions to humanity and the development of Africa at large. According to him, the fact that appeals are also coming from several parts of Africa on Ikeoha’s behalf is enough to prove that he is a good person.

Ezekwe said, “It is rather ironical to believe that the same man that had denied himself comfort to train many indigent persons both in his community and beyond, built roads and schools, created employment opportunities, sponsored so many life-changing bills at the National Assembly and served African Continent meritoriously as Deputy Speaker and Speaker of the Parliament of ECOWAS, including other global assignments intentionally committed such a crime. But since they have been pronounced guilty, all we are pleading is for mercy.”

Meanwhile, young and old alike came out under the pouring rain in Community Primary School, Amagu Mpu playground, praying and crying that God deliver Ikeoha whom they described as the spine of the community and a philanthropist. It was a familiar sight as on the day the court pronounced Ikeoha and his wife guilty.

Pastor Nathaniel Nwankwo, who presided in the prayer and is overseer of Ancient Path Revival Assembly Mpu, reiterated that the people will continue to pray for God’s mercy and help as their sentencing approaches.

The church leader said, “No human being is above mistake, but since they have pronounced Ikeoha and our caring mother guilty, we pray that God who showed mercy to Hezekiah; who showed mercy to the woman that committed adultery in John chapter 8 verses 1:11; will also see reasons to touch the heart of the British authorities to show mercy to the Ekweremadus.

“Our prayer is that God should turn our tears into a manifestation of joy and Senator Ekweremadu and his wife will be freed irrespective of the offence.”

Igwe Cyprian Ije, traditional ruler of Amokofia Mpu, said that sentencing Ikeoha would be an end to an era. And he has called on the Federal Government and others who mean well to call for his release.

The monarch lamented that so many poor students under Ikeoha scholarship program have had to quit school because they cannot afford education fees, while the town had become a ghost of itself since his arrest in June last year. He said that prayers would continue until God responds.

One woman leader, Lolo Happiness Aja, has also appealed the UK Government on behalf of the women to in the very least show mercy because of the sick Sonia whose survival depends largely on her parents. She said, “We are pleading for the mercy of God on our son, Ike Ekweremadu, and wife. Let God raise a lone voice to speak for him.”