Update: ‘She wants to rip me of some money’ – Doctor who raped nurse says

The Kwara State Police Command arrested a medical doctor, Joseph Ayodele, for allegedly raping a nurse during surgery.

A candid video recorded on the nurse’s phone, which she had setup before the surgery, sparked an investigation.

The Kwara Police Commissioner, Paul Odama, has said Ayodele will be charged to court after the investigations.

However, Joseph denied the allegation, saying the nurse was his girlfriend for about 8 years.

According to him, the whole drama was a set-up. He said:

“She is my girlfriend and we have dated for eight years. I trained her as a nurse; I sponsored her to a school of nursing in Lagos and I employed her. How can I rape a lady that I have had intercourse with several times? What else do I want to see in her body? She only wanted to set me up to rip me of some money. Already, she has collected a substantial amount of money, which is with her. She has already collected about N500,000 from me on this issue and she is still demanding more money.”