What is Wazobia Cash Investment? Is it LEGIT or SCAM? Read Full Details

Many people are thinking of WAZOBIA CASH INVESTMENT and wondering whether it is legit or another scam waiting to trap an unsuspecting victim.

The answer you need you will surely find in the detailed analysis.

Every now and then, investment platforms like this come and go. Most of them fail after some months. But is this one worth trying? That is the question I am here to answer for you. I cannot stand seeing people lose their money, so I decided to take some time to review the wazobia cash investment platform. With the level of in-depth information you will find here, you can make your decision.

So, What is Wazobia Cash Investment?

Give it any name, network funding, ponzi, or anything, but listen to what I say it is. Wazobia cash investment platform promises investors 50% profit on their investment. The first investment gets this 50% after 3 days, and any other investment after that takes 7 days to become “ripe”.

What’s more is that Wazobia investment allows users to withdraw both the invested amount and their profit at once. However, there is something I want you to know that majority of the people don’t realize.

Wazobia says you get 50% profit on your first investment, but I say no. This is because the system does not allow you to withdraw your ripe investment when due until you reinvest. Now, you investment can be anything from N10,000 to N1,000,000. You are also not allowed to make re-commitments lower than what you invested before. That is, if you invest 10,000 at start, the least amount of re-commitment is 10,000. But you are free to increase your investment.

Is Wazobia Investment Legit?

I understand that your desire for an authoritative response. You want me to tell you YES or NO, but neither of the answers can be satisfactory. To satisfy your curiosity, I have come up with a detailed explanation of the benefit and loss potential. But before then, let me give you the update about the system.

So far, the wazobia cash investment platform has been paying investors. Except for periods of upgrades as mentioned on their telegram platform, payments come as at when due. That is not to say that there have not been a few delays, but all the delay reasons have been smuggled under UPGRADES. We hope that is true.

Now if you want to know whether you will gain or lose from the platform, you must study the table below.

How to Benefit from the Wazobia Cash Investment

A lot of people think that by investing in the system and getting 50% interest, they have made profit. But that is not true, unless you make up to 5 investment. Until you make up to 5 rounds of investments on the wazobia.cash platform, you have not gained anything from the system. This is because each time you want to withdraw, you are asked to recommit before the withdrawal can be processed.

So, does it take 5 weeks to gain from the platform, YES and NO! Yes, if you make a single investment in a week, and no if you make multiple investments in a week. The good news for those who would love to take the risk is that the platform allow you to make multiple investments in a month. That way, you may be able to complete up to 5 investment rounds within 2 weeks.

It is only after these 5 rounds of investment that you can say that you cannot lose to the system. Even if the system crashes after your 5th investment, you cannot lose.

Wazobia Cash Investment Telegram Group

The wazobia cash investment has a growing community of over 18000 members where credit alerts and testimonies are posted every minute. But is that enough to get you to invest? It’s your brave move and no one can tell you to risk your money. You know what is best for you.

Can Wazobia Investment Crash?

Any system can fail but we are going to face the facts here. This is why I said any system can fail. Take a peep at the effect of the recent Lockdown on formidable organizations. A lot of fail-proof systems actually failed when people could not commute to their workplaces. Yes some remote jobs were done but even companies like the CAC could not process business registrations.

But here is the fact. Wazobia claims to provide a sturdy and steady system through the recommitments. Now, I’m just thinking, if everyone continues to re-invest before they can withdraw, I think that is re-commitments may not stop. And this might be able to hold the system for a long time. But, don’t take my word for it. You need to trust your got, not me. I am only providing a detailed analysis of the wazobia.cash investment platform.

How Much Can You Risk?

Since there is no insurance covering you, I think this is still the question you have to ask yourself. How much are you willing to risk? If you can risk N20,000, then you may want to sign up. But if losing N20,000 will cause you any harm, little or great, please bail yourself now when you can.

Are People Making It with Wazobia.cash?

As with any such scheme, early adopters always have a good story to tell if they don’t get greedy and sell their house to re-invest. So, there are thousands of evidence on the telegram group alone that show that people are cashing out. Some people go to the extent of investing N600,000 since the platform allows up to N1,000,000. Well, maybe that is their spare money. If you don’t have up to that as your spare money, please desist from being greedy.

Can I Borrow Money to Invest in Wazobia.Cash?

Honestly, if you do this, you need to be jailed. What are you up to? Your spare money cannot be an amount you have to borrow. It is any money you ain’t using now, and don’t mind losing, as far as this kind of investment is concerned.

Thank You! I Have Read Everything, and I Want to Invest

There might be some great cash waiting to be added to your spare money. But again, this is a game which has proven to be profitable so far. You want to see if you can win? Let me take you through what you need to try.

What You Need to Start Investing

All you need is your email address, phone number, account number, and a one-time activation fee of N1,000. The N1,000 fee might be their way of saying that you should not come in if you are not serious. This is WAZOBIA SIGN UP PAGE

Referral Bonuses are Tempting

Like many other investment platforms, wazobia also promises 10% commission on each referral’s first investment, and 5% on the rest. If your referral invests N1m, that is N100,000 referral bonus for that single investment. And remember that they cannot invest anything less than their first investments. It can only increase.

Final Note

Fifty percent profit within 3 days is crazy. And the fact that people are truly getting it makes it irresistible. But hey, follow your gut. This is not something you want to sell your belongings to participate. Remember that Ten Thousand Naira at hand is better than imaginary million dollar.

Don’t forget to stay safe and invest wisely. Call 07040662499 if you have made up your mind to invest today. You can also ask further questions.

Opeyemi wrote this review

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