When Peter Obi becomes president, I will campaign against him again if… – Aisha Yesufu

Aisha Yesufu has given reasons that will make her not to support Peter Obi, and even go ahead to campaign against him.

In a post she shared on X on Sunday, Yesufu who slammed former presidents of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari for failing woefully during their administrations, claimed that she will not fail to also criticize Obi when he becomes President and fails to deliver.

The post is a follow up from an earlier post (Read Here) where she said she will still not vote Jonathan if 2015 opportunity presents itself again.

“…for all of you Jonathan’s failure lovers. Even if today is March 28th 2015 I will still not vote Jonathan. I do not reward failure. Buhari’s increased failure after 2019 elections tells me in no uncertain terms that failure must never be rewarded otherwise it worsens. When Peter Gregory Obi @PeterObi becomes the President of Nigeria Insha Allah and God forbids he decides to be a failure, I Aisha Yesufu will not only vote against him if he seeks for re election, I will even campaign against him. Let me repeat I DO NOT REWARD FAILURE! I will rather take a chance with anyone else and hope the people understand they are not slaves but citizens that can force those elected to give good governance.”