Jonathan and Buhari are both bloody failures! – Aisha Yesufu

Aisha Yesufu has again slammed former presidents of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari for failing woefully during their administrations.

Yesufu fought against the re-election of Jonathan during the 2015 general election over the inability of his administration to curtail the rise of Boko Haram which led to the kidnapping of many school children, including hundreds of Chibok School girls.

She supported Buhari’s emergence in 2015 but her support for him didn’t last long after Buhari’s administration failed to live up to her expectations and those of many other Nigerians.

In a post she shared on X on Saturday, Yesufu said she can “never give failure a second chance!”

Aisha Yesufu’s comment was a response to an X user who asked, “No one is denying Jonathan’s imperfections but with how the country has significantly deteriorated in every single area simply because of the decision to vote APC in 2015, if you could turn back the hands of time would you still have voted against Jonathan?”

She emphatically stated she will vote him out again, that those who voted for Buhari in 2019, for a second term despite his first term failings, are same kind of person who voted for Jonathan in 2015 despite Jonathan’s failings.

She then added that it is a fact that things are worse now than in 2018 but it does not mean that Buhari is not a disaster. “Who cares about Jonathan and Buhari? They are all bloody failures!” She said.

Read her post below:

“I will
I will never give failure a second chance!
The only difference between those who voted Jonathan in 2015 and those who voted for Buhari in 2019 is that Buhari won. They both gave failure a second chance.
Are things not worse now than they were in 2018? Does that mean Buhari was not a total disaster?

You fight fellow citizens while defending failures.
Who cares about Jonathan and Buhari? They are all bloody failures! Coming to defend one because the subsequent one failed more means you don’t value yourself. You deserve more. Nigeria deserves more.

“I personally do not have loyalty to anyone per se. My loyalty is to Nigeria and if I see you as the one that can give Nigeria a chance I will be on your team and if you do otherwise I will criticize you”