Yul Edochie publicly apologizes to first wife, May, begs her to come back

Nollywood star Yul Edochie has taken to instagram to apologize to his first wife, May Yul-Edochie.

In his instagram message to May, Yul tried to appeal to conscience by reminding her that it was not his plan from the onset to impregnate his colleague, that he is not perfect just as no human is, and that apart from the two-in-one mistake of extra-marital affair and polygamy, he had done other things right in their marriage, being a good husband to her and a good father to their children.

Though May had long stated that she will not be forced into a polygamous marriage, Yul Edochie still tried to beg her to reconsider. He admitted that he was not trying to force her into accepting polygamy, as it should not be forced on anyone.

In his message to her, using the igbo language, he asked her to calm down and try to forgive him. He also told her that it is possible for them to still “live peacefully and happily.”