Easter Greetings!

On Easter, we rejoice and shout, Hallelujah!
Up from the grave, The Lord is Risen!

This day gives up opportunity to celebrate that God has given us victory over weakness, evil, failure and unfruitfulness. Most importantly, God has given us victory over sin and death.

So, as you go out today and the rest of the days ahead, especially if you are a Christian, hold your head high, step upon those scorpions and snakes that tell you that you can’t conquer those challenges that stand between you and your dreams because if you can THINK IT, if you can CONCEIVE IT, You can ACHIEVE IT!

Walk through those doors, shatter those bricks that seem to stand like mountains in front you. Study those books you have always wanted but find difficult, start that new business, seek for that new job that has been your dream, take that new course that you know will help you rise to the next level, start that new project, finish that wonderful project you have started but lack the will to continue to logical conclusion.

With Hard work, dedication, courage, continuous self improvement, kindness, humility and God, you will achieve all you set out to achieve.

So, step up! And, keep keeping on until you achieve that thing you want to achieve. For even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death you shall fear no evil for the Risen Lord is with You!


From Ngozi Clara Opara,
Owner of www.expressiveinfo.com

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