Soldier recieves death sentence for murder, other crimes

A soldier has been sentenced to death by hanging by the Nigerian Army 7 Division General Court Martial.

The military man, identified as Private Musa Saleh, was passed this sentence for allegedly killing a fellow soldier in Mafa Town, Borno State.

Saleh was arraigned based on a four-count charge surrounding murder, assault and attempted murder. He, however, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Nevertheless, the court martial headed by Brig.-Gen. Richard Pam said it established the charges against the soldier attached to 112 Task Force Battalion in Mafa and further uncovered other criminal offences. They included Selah’s murder of five innocents, causing permanent disability and infliction of bodily harm on others.

Six witnesses and 11 exhibits were presented by the counsel of the prosecution, while the defence counsel presented the defendant and an exhibit as evidence.

Brig.-Gen. Pam carefully considered the evidences presented before the court martial. He then said the evidences affirmed that codified laws were overstepped.

“The sentence of this General Court called Martial on you are as follows: Count one, the sentence is death by hanging, Count Two, 24 months? imprisonment, Count three, 24 months? imprisonment, Count four, life imprisonment,” Pam said.

Speaking to the press, Kabura Batuncha, the defence counsel, said:

“The matter between the Nigerian Army and Private Musa Saleh has come to an end, and I think we will put our hands in order and do the needful at the right time.”