Successful Medical Graduate and Mother share sad story

A young Nigerian named Deoluwaa has come public on twitter with his mother to celebrate his success in becoming a medical doctor.

Not too long after Deoluwaa’s graduation from University College Hospital, he made the tweet on Monday, December 11.

The achievement brought joy and celebration as it reminded them of the awful degrading remarks that were made to the mother by a medical doctor 30 years ago.

The tweet included photos of Deoluwaa and his mother taken by well-wishers as well as a video of his mother dancing joyfully and with genuine pride over her son’s achievement.

In his tweet, Deoluwaa revealed the sobering story that brings about all the joy and excitement.

He states, “About 30 years ago, a doctor in UCH demeaned my mum as a nursing student. So, she told herself her child will someday graduate as a doctor from UCH. She only told me this story after final results were released. Today was a dream come true for her. Better still, her birthday too.”

Adding to their excitement in the air was information that he was given the Emeritus Professor O. O. Akinkugbe Leadership Award.

Deoluwaa’s colleague also took to social media to celebrate him and thank him for being the teacher of fellow students.