A Must Read: “The Price of Deception”

“The Price of Deception” is one of nine beautiful stories from “Love and Revenge” Series. These stories explore the consequences of deceit and the notion of Love and justice.

Synopsis: In “The Price of Deception”, a woman rejects a proposal from her generous and caring boyfriend without any substantial reason, causing him to leave the country to heal his broken heart. However, when she seeks his help for her own selfish purposes, he seizes the opportunity for revenge, exacting a heavy toll on her and her new boyfriend.

Title: “The Price of Deception”

There were two sisters, Adaugo and Nneka who lived in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria. Adaugo was the older sister, strong-willed and independent, while Nneka was the younger one, more carefree and inclined to follow her heart. Adaugo had always been the responsible one, so when she confided in her favourite hairdresser, Chidinma, about her sister’s misadventures, Chidinma couldn’t help but be drawn into the tale.

Chidinma listened with wide eyes as Adaugo recounted the story of Nneka’s lucky yet bewildering love life.

It all began when Nneka started dating a fine Yoruba gentleman named Babatunde, who worked offshore. Babatunde was known for his kind heart and generosity, as he had sponsored Nneka’s education through university and fashion school.

As Chidinma gasped in disbelief, Adaugo continued, “Can you imagine? This man proposed to her in 2021, and what did she do? She rejected the poor man’s proposal with no good reason!”

Chidinma’s jaw dropped. “Why would she do that? Did he mistreat her in any way?”

Adaugo shook her head. “No, he never laid a finger on her, nor did he abuse her verbally. And don’t even get me started on his, uh, gbola, — it was more than satisfactory, if you know what I mean.”

Chidinma burst into laughter. “Oh, Adaugo, you always find a way to make me laugh! But seriously, why would she reject such a catch?”

Adaugo sighed; her face contorted in disbelief. “She claimed she just didn’t love him anymore and wasn’t ready to settle down. Can you believe that?”

Chidinma shook her head, her fingers dancing through Adaugo’s hair. “Love can be a complicated thing, my dear. But what happened next?”