New Story: Unforgiving Hearts

“Unforgiving Hearts” is one of stories from “Love and Revenge” Series. These stories explore the consequences of deceit and the notion of Love and justice. All nine stories in this series explore different storylines inspired by the same true story.

The Full Story:
Title: Unforgiving Hearts

Imaobong lived in the city of Port Harcourt. She was smart, beautiful, and known for her witty humour. She had a younger sister named Ini, who had always been the lucky one in the family.

Ini was dating a fine Warri guy named Tega, who worked offshore. He had been Ini’s sponsor throughout her university and fashion school education, and everyone in the family adored him.

That fateful day, Imaobong’s favourite customer, Boma was in her boutique when she decided to share the shocking story about her younger sister, Ini. The customer listened intently, her eyes widening with disbelief and her mouth agape. It was a tale that left her speechless.

According to Imaobong, Ini received a marriage proposal from Tega in 2021. But to everyone’s surprise, she rejected it without any valid reason.

Imaobong continued, recounting the questions Ini had been asked about her decision:

“Does he beat you?” the family had asked. “No,” Ini replied.

“Does he verbally abuse you?” they probed. “No,” Ini responded.

“Is his shokoto not big enough or does it not ‘stand well’?” they querried even more.

“No,” Ini admitted. “I just don’t love him anymore. I’m not sure if I’m ready to settle down with him.”

The rejection had shattered Tega’s heart. Determined to heal and move on, he made the difficult decision to relocate abroad. Boma couldn’t help but feel for him. She understood the pain of unrequited love, but she also believed in the power of forgiveness and second chances.

Time went by, and life took its course. Ini started dating a new boyfriend, and in the present year, she reached out to Tega, begging him to assist her and her new beau in their relocation process.

Boma’s eyebrows rose at the audacity of her sister’s request.

To her surprise, Tega, with a heart full of kindness, agreed to help them. However, he had a secret plan up his sleeve. When the time was ripe, Tega demanded a significant amount of money from Ini and her new boyfriend for their traveling process.

Ini and her boyfriend sold two plots of land and even his car to gather the required funds. Little did they know what awaited them.

Once Tega received the money, he sent them a long, sarcastic message. He explained that the money was a “little token” to compensate for the expenses he had incurred while supporting Ini’s education. To make matters worse, he blocked them from calling him or reaching him on social media, and disappeared from their lives.

Boma couldn’t believe the turn of events. She pondered whether that was karma or if Tega should have let it slide. Nevertheless, the story taught her an important lesson: one should never hurt others because not everyone knows how to forgive and forget.

As Imaobong finished telling the tale, Boma couldn’t help but find humour in the absurdity of it all. She swore to share the story with her friends, narrating it in her signature funny style. She was sure they would laugh at the unexpected twists and turns while relishing the comical surprises sprinkled throughout.

The story Imaobong told, not only lightened the mood but also reminded everyone to cherish love, value forgiveness, and tread carefully when it comes to matters of the heart. For in the unpredictable realm of human relationships, even the most fortunate, like Ini’s new boyfriend, can find themselves entangled in a web of consequences they never saw coming.

And so, the story of Ini, Tega, and the power of forgiveness spread among Boma’s friends and beyond, forever gluing itself on the tongues of Port Harcourt city gossip.


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