Two brothers sentenced to death for murder in Akwa Ibom

Uduak Udo Umoren, a 48-year-old pastor, and his 34-year-old brother, Emmanuel Udo Umoren, a commercial motorcyclist are the convicted criminals.

They were found guilty of the murder of Iboro Akpan Joe, a 45-year trader, and farmer from Ikot Otu in Essien Udim.

Information reaching us is that Joe had escorted his sister-in-law in Adiasim Ikot Ekon to her late husband’s farm to estimate how much she could sell the land and use the proceeds for his burial.

 While on the farm, the wife of the second criminal saw them and invited her husband to the land on the claim that someone was trying to bury a charm on their family land. 

Emmanuel with his wife, her son, and brother-in-law was said to have attacked Joe with a machete and stabbed him with broken bottles on the farm.

Joe was said to have been beaten to a stupor and dragged to his family compound close to the farm, despite pleas from his sister-in-law and his wife, who heard him cry for help and rushed to the scene.