Video: Outrage over Chinese supermarket in Abuja which does not let Nigerians in

Some Nigerians have gone to confirmed that indeed there is a Chinese supermarket in Abuja which does not allow Nigerians in.

A Nigerian couple who turned up at the supermarket to verify the claim were told by the security guard that Nigerians are not allowed in.

It was however disclosed that the staff at the supermarket are mainly Nigerians and they could lose their job if they sell to Nigerians. This reportedly came into effect this January.

This comes after Punch made a post about Abuja-based Chinese supermarket

Currently the management of the supermarket has come under fire for discriminating against Nigerians in Nigeria.

The supermarket situated at the China General Chamber of Commerce, along Umaru Musa Yar’Adua Road in the Federal Capital Territory, is acclaimed as a destination for Chinese cuisine and beverages.

Also another FCT resident in a video shared on X expressed discontent about the discriminatory policy.

The resident said, “Wonders shall never end. There is a supermarket I saw online that is a Chinese supermarket. They have Chinese food, ramen and other things. I wanted to go there and check it out but I was denied entry. The security officers at the gate said the supermarket was strictly for Chinese people and no Nigerian is allowed to go inside or buy anything. Is that possible in China?

“This supermarket is here in Abuja and a Nigerian cannot enter. This is a joke. So that means a Chinese guy has more rights than you here in Nigeria. Chinese guys are allowed to visit anywhere in the country. The thing shocked me oo. Now I am going back to our local supermarket because they said I cannot enter.”

Uncle Deji @DejiAdesogan also wrote on X, “So there’s a Chinese supermarket in Abuja that Nigerians cannot enter, let alone buy anything, that only Chinese are allowed? So weird to believe.”

Another X user, Otunba AbdulFattah @OyedeleFatai, corroborating the claim, said he was denied entry twice this year.