4 subtle ways to break up with your partner

Dating and relationships take a toll on young people these days, even making many people view that dating is a waste of time. We are looking at some nice ways you can call it off with your partner without any bad blood between the two of you.

1. Stop communicating with your partner: to break lose of a toxic relatonship, you need to deliberately create an avenue where you reduce the number of times you communicate with your partner. Relationships thrive on communication so the absence of communication means it won’t work.

2. Stop being there at all times: If you are always there for your partner to lay their heads on your shoulders, they assume you are always around for their hard times. Distancing yourself will make your partner to read the signs and back- off from the relationship.

3. Be stingy: if you stop doing the things you used to do for your partner like providing financial assistance for your partner, they will start getting angry at you at every least mistake and can lead to the breakup of the relationship. If your partner depends on you for everything and you stop helping out, they will leave the relationship.

4. Start spending less time and be superstitious: it puts a lot of partners off when excuses are always made to spend some time together. If you start becoming suspicious and superstitious, nobody wants to be in a relationship with a superstitious person so they will gentle exit the relationship.

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