Conversation between a lady and her prospective employer: Was she rude?

Nigerians on Twitter are currently divided over the way and manner a Whatsapp chat between a Lady and her prospective employer ended.

The chat is between a lady named Chioma and a certain Benson from a company she had applied for a job.

Benson reached out to her to inform her she had passed the interview and was to give her a certain code but Chioma was impatient as she perceived Benson might be one toaster. She communicated rudely to him and went ahead to block him.

While some Nigerians berate the lady for being rude to a stranger, others have also condemned the company for reaching out to an applicant via Whatsapp. Read the chat and see the reactions on Twitter and tell us what you think

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1 thought on “Conversation between a lady and her prospective employer: Was she rude?

  1. To my observation Chioma can not be a good worker to customers if employed her. No principal will love to employ aggressive minds in he’s or her company unless you don’t want your company to grow faster. Chioma challenges are not only impatience, she also lacked manner in approach to problems & that’s the number one priority to every company holder. I prayer that she should change her manner for good
    in approach to another person, so help her God.

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