Kenya deports Nigerian man captured on CCTV assaulting his wife in wheelchair (video)

A Nigerian man has been deported because he was caught on CCTV camera assaulting his Kenyan wife in a wheelchair in Nairobi.

In the footage that went viral on April 26, 2024, the man identified as John Nwankwo Noko, was seen slapping a helpless Ms. Pauline in the head before two other ladies intervened to stop the act.

In a statement signed by State Department of Gender Principal Secretary Anne Wang’ombe, Nwankwo was deported on Saturday, May 4, 2024, for assaulting the lady.

“The act of violence has not only violated the rights of an individual but has also highlighted the broader issues of gender-based violence, that is rampant in our society,” Orwoba said in the statement.

The case was first brought to the attention of the police by Senator Gloria Orwoba on Wednesday, May 1

“We strongly condemn such behavior and we shall continue working towards creating a safer environment for women, free of fear,” he added.

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