Laycon never told me he has Sickle Cell – Erica opens up

Reality star cum actress, Erica Nlewedim has dismissed claims that the recently crowned winner of the BBNAIJA season 5 and her fellow contestant, Laycon, told her about his health status.

Erica was dragged on social media last week after Laycon revealed to Dorathy and Vee that he has Sickle Cell.

Many social media users claimed Laycon told Erica he has Sickle Cell and that was why during the altercation that led to her disqualification, she told him he was going to die before 50. They accused her of using Laycon’s health status against him.

In a video shared online, Erica dismissed the claim, saying:

”I have been seeing a lot of crazy stuff on the internet saying that I knew about Laycon’s sickness and I used it against him. Come on guys. In all my time in that house, I am sure you have seen the kind of person that I am. I am a very emotional person. I am very sensitive to people’s feelings. If I do things wrong, I always go back and apologize. There is no time I have ever used whatever someone says to me against them because I know how bad I would feel if someone does that to me. 

“Laycon never told me he was SC. There is no time he ever said that to me and he himself knows that he never said that to me. Left to me, Lay con was fine, he was alright.

“It was just bottled up emotions. That is it. That’s what happened” she said.

While speaking her ‘relationship’ with Kiddwaya, Erica added:

“First of all he is my friend. He was my best friend in the house. He is a very great guy. He is very intelligent. He was there for me and is still there for me. 

“About a relationship? I am not sure about that because no one knows the future but the thing is the pressure is not going to help so guys just allow us work on ourselves. For me, I want to work on myself, my brand and I know he has plans for himself and his career.

“Right now we are fresh from the house, we had our plans before we even met each other and now we are fresh out of the house, we have to do everything we plan to do with our career. That comes first.

‘I don’t know what is going to happen in the future. You guys already know I like him but what comes first is my career.”