Man cries out after a queer guy was murdered in Lagos

A man named Victor Ayeni has raised an alarm after a queer guy was gruesomely murdered this morning.

Victor had  told X users that a Kito dude, anonymously represented, had demanded a ransom of 3 million before the release of the queer guy.

The queer guy’s friend whom Victor identified as Uche, in a deliberate act to  withhold his identity, was threatened before the demise of his friend.

According to Victor, Uche was called between the hours of 10 and 11 pm by his friend, asking him to meet him at Ipaja. Uche had sensed something was off  so he denied the proposal.

Uche refused to go and his friend was mercilessly beaten.

The Kito guys threatened again: Where is the money, the money we demanded? If you don’t pay us we will kill him here tonight?

This confused Uche who stated: If he had called or text me, I’d probably have pulled some strings.

According to Victor, the queer guy had called Uche this morning, but his body was found on the street.