Nigerian minister struggles to save her life

Lola Ade-John, a Nigerian tourism minister on Friday, was hospitalized in Abuja after being diagnosed with poison resulting from an anonymous source. 

She was taken  to the Federal Medical Centre, Jabi, just after the symptoms of poison became palpable. According to a report, she has spent four days at the facility.

Ms Ade-John, who is a career banker and tech investor, has been on a mechanical ventilator to aid her breathing.

When the Police and the State Security Service were asked whether an investigation had been made they gave no prompt reply. 

Due to her critical situation, her parents had opined that she should be taken to a private hospital for sound treatment.

Ngozi Onwudike, her permanent secretary, had disapproved of the idea to move her from the FMC, a public hospital, to a private hospital, stating that  her position in the government wouldn’t attract medical charges. 

Her parents had to succumb to the opposing notion due to the insufficient funds to clear up bills that would arise.

According to a report, the permanent secretary wasn’t reachable on Friday morning. 

In August 2023, Ms Ade-John was appointed as a minister by President Bola Tinubu. She was recognized as one of  the ministers to be selected from the diaspora. She had lived in London for about four years before coming back home to serve the nation.