The Man Whom The Cap Fits

The many years of redundancy and inept representation of the good people of Ahiazu Mbaise must surely come to an end, come 2023. This clarifies the biblical assertion that “affliction shall never arise the second time” (cf Nahum 1:9).

Nduka V A Anyanwu has come to re-write the narrative. He has come to offer the quality representation that Ahiazu Mbaise has always lacked, in the hands of the two dominant political parties, who see all political positions as their birthright. The parties that share same ideologies; which could best be described as birds of a feather.

It is time for a paradigm shift, and Ndi Ahiazu must embrace this rebirth. This is what Ahiazu Mbaise needs. It is what the youths on the streets need. APGA is the party for emancipation (Go and verify).

A vibrant, vision driven and youthful leader, with sauce.

We have all these and more in: Nduka V A Anyanwu, Anyanwu N’etiri Oha.

A man with milk of human kindness, whose philanthropic gestures have been felt across Mbaise and beyond. An accessible leader with empathy and God given wisdom.

Nduka is focused on human capital development, with the view to pulling people out of poverty.

He has been doing this as a private individual and would do even more, as a public office holder.

We cannot afford to miss this opportunity. Let’s grab it.

“Nkea bu nke Ndi Ahiazu Mbaise”

Eustace (MEE)
DG, Redemption Media Team,