What is Blogging?

About Blogging

Blogging means different things to different people these days. However, the concept of blogging mainly involves self-publishing articles, pictures and other media files online, usually a website preferably called a blog.

Blogging has advanced significantly from the time of its inception. But at the centre of it all is that blogging is a form of expression. We use blogs to express ourselves while sharing current events (News blogging), sharing ideas about fashion (Fashion blogging), giving insights into the latest tech tools or innovations (Tech blogging), writing reviews and giving product recommendations, etc. 

Blogging can also be a hobby, through which we write about or discuss our interest and passion.

Blogs typically display articles or posts in reverse chronological arrangement, with the most recent content appearing at the top of the page.

A blog can be a personal platform, a business venture, a means of communication or an educational platform.

Bloggers can write about a variety of topics and share their thoughts, opinions, experiences, and knowledge with their audience.

With blogging, individuals and businesses can use online tools to share their thoughts, ideas, and expertise with people within their immediate locality and around the world.

If you wish to affirm yourself as an authority in a field, build brands and/or promote businesses, then you have to consider taking advantage of the blogging opportunities in front of you.

If you also look at the other ways blogs are used today as money-making machines, you will probably understand why prominent blogger cum YouTuber, Adam Enfroy, defines “Blogging as a data-driven way to make money… build passive income… and true influence…”

Before we go into how a beginner can start a blog and make money from blogging. It will make a lot of sense if we, first, look at the origin of blogging. Let’s look at A Brief History of Blogging.

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