Actor Segun Arinze reacts to viral video of him allegedly assaulting his ‘maiguard’

Earlier today, a Twitter user known as @CloakedAdonis shared a video which allegedly shows veteran actor, Segun Arinze assaulting his security guard.

In the viral video, the actor was seen chasing the young man in an attempt to pounce on him but was held back by residents of the area.

The Twitter user @CloakedAdonis posted the video with a caption alleging that the actor assaulted the security guard for breaking the burglary of his house and also for using his car without his permission.

“He said the boy removed the burglary proof and used his car without informing him or so,” @CloakedAdonis tweeted.

However, reacting to the viral video, Mr Arinze told Punch that he was not a trouble maker and that he couldn’t have taken to the street to assault his security guard.

He said, “Isaiah has been working with me for over a year, I take him as a younger brother and I never treated him like a staff; but his excesses are too much.

“He leaves his duty post at will without informing anyone in the house. He left the gate open unguarded countless times. I have spoken, counseled, gotten angry many times, to no avail.

“On Sunday, he left the house without informing me; he returned on Monday afternoon, saying he went for a party and forgot my gate key at his friend’s house.

“At that point, I couldn’t bottle up my anger any longer, so, I slapped him.”

Continuing, Arinze said, “It is sad that the man who filmed the incident couldn’t spare some time to ask what led to the public outrage. Everybody in the neighbourhood knows me as a peace-loving resident.”

See the viral video below.

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