Be careful: Here’s how Love can complicate your life

Many a time, getting it right with love and relationships can be very hard. However, we can try to avoid these pit-holes below to avoid making our lives a living hell.

Below are ways love can complicate your life.

1. Fall in love with someone who is not over his/her ex. You will get caught up in a love triangle mess that will drain you.

2. Pressure a man to propose to you. He may propose to make you happy. But when a man is forced to commit, eventually he repels you.

3. Fall in love with someone who doesn’t want to love you. You will feel used and ignored.

4. Marry someone you do not see yourself having a future with, just because you have a baby together. You will hate marriage, it will be a struggle.

5. Have an affair with a married person. You will feel cheap, you will waste away as the outsider living a lie and eventually you will get dumped because you don’t belong. You were just a temporary fix.

6. Have sex casually. Your emotions will get involved and you’ll attach yourself to people who are not your husband/wife material.

7. Get married quickly because family and society pushed you, marry someone in order to fit in society. You will never be happy in marriage and yet marriage is for a long time.

8. Have sex with a man who is not serious about you. He will make you pregnant and abandon the baby and you.

9. Want a Godly family yet date and marry someone who wants nothing to do with God. You will be frustrated and spiritually dragged.

10. Continue a relationship you know that should end, simply because you lack the courage to break it. You will become a bitter and angry person.

11. Give so many chances to a lover who is not worth it, going back to the same person who treats you badly, excusing their wrongs. Your time will be wasted and your self-esteem will be destroyed.

12. Move into a new relationship before healing from your past love. You will bring the mess of your previous relationship into your new relationship.

13. Ask for advise on how to go about your relationship/marriage from people who don’t believe in love and are angry at love. They will mislead you and cause you to ruin your love.

14. Love someone to get back at your ex. You will hurt the someone you are using and you will find it hard not to hate yourself, your ex has gone.

15. Propose to a woman who is not ready for marriage. She may say yes out of excitement. But man, eventually she will let you down and rebel.

16. Want a mature love yet commit to someone who is childish. You will be stressed.

17. Have an affair because your relationship/marriage is boring. You will destroy or devalue the best chance you had at love as you look outside.

18. Let your parents dictate your love life. Your marriage will be manipulated.

19. Confuse the love of a friend with the love of a lover then changing that friendship into a romantic relationship. If you two are not meant to be, the romance will end and you will lose a good friend. Just because someone is good to you doesn’t mean you be lovers.

20. Quickly commit to someone before you two adequately know each other. When love is rushed it will crash and you will wonder why you keep jumping from one relationship to another. Slow down.

21. Dating someone who doesn’t want marriage and yet you are thinking long-term. As you build a future with that person, that person will not be serious with you, you are walking alone.

22. Commit to someone you are not compatible with. You will have constant fights, arguments, misunderstandings and wonder why loving is so hard.

23. Invest a lot without commitment. Things will crumble and you will feel empty.

24. Chase away someone hardworking and good for you because he/she lacks big money or lacks things that could be worked on. Listen to other people talk you to leaving someone who loves you well. You will regret and live life feeling that you chased away your blessing.

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