Drama: See what Police did to a man who ‘arrested a god’ in Nsukka

police arrest man for arresting a god in Nsukka

A middle-aged man identified as Nnajiofor Donatus shocked members of his community when he went and ‘arrested’ a communal deity.

Donatus said he was motivated to remove the deity by an unnamed higher force and insisted that the deity had been tormenting his community with poverty, failure of businesses, and lack of marriage for eligible bachelors.

He blamed the deity for the level of poverty in Ibeku Opi, adding that he crashed out of his thriving honey business job in Anambra State, returning home with nothing to show for his efforts.

Expressive Info learnt that onlookers who were frightened at the sight of the man and the deity, observed that he showed strange behaviour and barked whenever anyone got close to him.

He was said to have acted violently to anyone who tried to stop him from gaining entrance to Okunere adoration museum at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, to liberate Ibeku Opi community out of the fetish powers of the deity.

The Enugu state police eventually intervened and arrested the man.

police arrest man for arresting a god in Nsukka