“Nigeria saved your life, now please save us” – Timaya tells President Buhari

Popular Nigerian Singer, Timaya has taken to his social media to urge the President, Muhammed Buhari, to save Nigerians as the call for better governance and an end to police brutality gains momentum.

Timaye recalled how the President was very sick not long after he was sworn in after winning the presidential election in 2015. He believes that Nigeria saved him by ensuring he got the best medical treatment.

Timaya’s post on Twitter reads:

You know how sick you were, before you became president @MBuhari. Nigeria saved your life, we saved you now pls save us

Meanwhile Nigerians, while commenting on the post, said Timaya should not beg the president to do the work he was voted in to do.

Busari wrote: “We are done begging. No more please. We have begged enough. How hard is it protect your citizens which should be your first priority. I still can’t comprehend why he his still silent.

Chiawalamoke wrote: “He doesn’t need him to save us, he need to listen to us, because without us there is no him, without us there no government, without us there is no country called Nigeria, we, we are we forever

Sam wrote: “Nah don’t beg, we will get what we want from them just a matter of time

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