Umahi blast Atiku, Obi, and their supporters over Tinubu’s Certificate Scandal

The Minister of Works, Sen. David Umahi has urged the presidential candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party and Labour Party, Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi respectively, as well as their supporters, to desist from the fixation over Tinubu’s Chicago University certificate.

Umahi said this on Tuesday while unveiling his policy direction for the Ministry in Abuja.

“All those ‘Atikulated and Obidients’, let them bring their (principals) who filed WAEC certificates; what did they score? They are challenging someone who is an ‘A’ student.”

He further emphasized that Tinubu is a dream come true for Nigerians.

The Minister said, “This (President Bola Tinubu) is a man who is the answer to the prayers of Nigerians to God.

The former governor of Ebonyi state asked supporters of the two presidential candidates popularly called ‘“Atikulated’ and Obidients” respectively, to refrain from harping on the certificate scandal of Tinubu.

He described President Tinubu as “an A student” which has been evident in his performance and character in the political offices he held.

“This is a man who has passed through all the stages… look at his appointments in the FCT, Works, Finance and all others. This President is the last hope for this country, his renewed hope agenda needs the support of all of us.

He codemns the request of Tinubu’s academic records from the Chicago State University and encourages Nigerians to support the President, rather than resisting.

The Minister also condemned the act some State Controllers of Work who are not meeting expectations.

He also commended the Director of South West and his team for their efforts.He added that the rest need to sit up or risk loosing their position .All hands must be on deck.