Video: Alleged Police officers from Imo Govt House attack Okorocha’s relatives

Alleged Police officers from Imo State government house have carried out an illegal raid at the residences of relatives of the immediate past governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha. The allegedly attacked relatives include Ik Okorocha, Jude Okorocha, Gerald Okorocha and his younger brother Okey

According to reports, the armed men allegedly destroyed properties and stabbed Onyedi Okorocha, a nephew of Rochas Okorocha while the homes of three other siblings ( Ik Okorocha, Jude Okorocha and Gerald Okorocha) were also raided.

Below is a video of the wounded security man at Ik Okorocha’s house narrating what happened.