48-year-old Man Impregnates 15-Year-Old daughter in Nasarawa

A 48-year-old farmer, Theddius Audu, has impregnated his 15-year-old daughter Justina in Wuyeya, Nasarawa State.

According to a report by The Nation, Audu raised his daughter alone after his marriage to her mother, Talatu Ayi, crashed 13 years ago.

Audu explained that he always felt uncomfortable that one day, a man will show up and take his beautiful daughter and ‘enjoy’ her, after he went through difficulties to raise her.

Audu said, “She looks beautiful and I always feel the pains that one day, someone else will toast her and start enjoying what I suffered all these years to raise. When her mother left me, I took the pains to bring her up because I could not get married and was alone.

“It started like a joke. I don’t know what came over me; she tried to resist me but I was very harsh on her and she allowed me have my way. Thereafter, we continued unabated. I actually wanted to test her virginity status, to know whether she had started going out with boys but when she told me she missed her period, I decided that she should not abort it.

“She should deliver the baby for me since I don’t have any other child. Thereafter, she can get married to anybody of her choice. This was the secret arrangement we had and I don’t know why she is exposing it now.

“That is the much I can say about it,” Audu said with finality.

Audu risks being banished from his community as elders have said that the act is a taboo.