60-year-old Kano man accused of marrying minor defends himself

An elderly man accused of marrying an 11-year-old girl has reacted to the viral claims and posts about his wedding. 

The man married his bride weeks ago in Kano, Nigeria. Soon after the wedding, a controversial photo went viral and caused provocation among netizens.

Later, the groom defended his choice, saying: “She is my choice, I married her because we love each other.” 

The man has also gone to Facebook to convince the public that he is not married to a minor, an “11-year-old,” as the viral post claimed. 

He said his wife is 21 years old, not 11 as claimed, and that she was not coerced into marriage with him, but rather chose him. He also added that he hopes the “blackmailers and doubting Thomas’s” would leave him and his new wife to enjoy their honeymoon.

See his post below.