AFIRE announces Linda Ikeji 1m Naira Prize for Literature and how to participate

Foremost African celebrity blogger, owner of LIB and LITV, Linda Ikeji is moving towards making another impact. This time, in the literary world with a Prize for Literature.

This was shared on LIB as written below:

The African Indie Writers Review (AFIRE) ejournal is happy to announce The 2019 Linda Ikeji Prize for Literature.

This is going to be an annual event.
The Prize: N1,000,000.00 (One Million Naira)

The Need:

African Indie-Writers Review (AFIRE) is an ejournal strategically positioned to hold out a hand to new, contemporary and audacious African writers most interested in taking their work to a wider world. We now live in a global village of both happy and sad magic, where technology levels the opportunity gap between those who have been seen and those who have much to show, but have not been heard from. There is one thing we all must agree on: Africa never stopped talking, from every nook and corner. Sometimes we are forced to talk, as the late Christopher Okigbo puts it, ‘without voice or audience’. But Africa keeps talking. Today we must find both our voice and our audience inside our own communal cry. Silence should never be an option. We must keep our fires burning.

Call for submission:

We are now receiving submissions for the 2019 Linda Ikeji Prize for Literature. All entries should be forwarded

DEADLINE for submission: June 30 2019.
No material submitted after 11:59pm on June 30 2019 will be considered.

There are six categories for material to be submitted to AFIRE:

  1. Fiction, Prose – full length novels: published, self-published or unpublished
  2. Fiction, Prose – short stories: published, self-published or unpublished
  3. Non Fiction – published, self-published or unpublished
  4. Poetry – collections: published, self-published or unpublished
  5. Drama – published, self-published or unpublished
  6. Social media essays – collections: published, self-published or unpublished

All materials should be submitted in Microsoft Word file format. Pdf files are allowed for only poetry submissions where original format is considered a critical part of the aesthetic presentation. Fonts should be size 12 in all submitted materials.

Materials could be of any topic and theme, as long as it demonstrates a clear and undisputable motion for growth and development, enlightenment and humanity on the continent. New African writers in diaspora holding valid passports of any African country are eligible to participate.

The decisions of the judging panel are final.