Arise TV’s Oseni Rufai reacts after Keyamo attacked Nigeria TV anchors

Oseni Rufai of Arise TV has reacted after Festus Keyamo, the minister of state for Labour on Wednesday slammed Nigerian TV anchors over the way they discuss issues with their guests.

According to Keyamo, “Some of our TV anchors invite guests to DEBATE with them & not to interview them. They don’t present the contrary views out there & ask guests to respond. They descend into the arena of conflict and express their PERSONAL OPINIONS & begin to ARGUE with guests. Very unprofessional.”

Reacting after Keyamo’s comment, Rufai took Twitter to say, “I hear some party surrogate was complaining that I ask though questions pls tell him to get his fact right on air and I am not interested in politics but fact.Simple. I NO GET TIME AT ALL.I ask questions and Present facts!”