Biafra will come without war – Nnamdi Kanu’s brother

The younger brother to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Prince Emmanuel Kanu has assured that the Biafra Republic being championed by his brother would be achieved without any war. 

According to him, Nnamdi Kanu has engaged in what he called high profile diplomatic talks with notable world leaders and governments across the globe on how to peacefully restore Biafra. 

Prince Kanu was quoted to have said this yesterday, in Umuahia, when he received in audience a team of investigators from Alliances for Africa who said to be in their attacked family house on a fact-finding mission, said that important world leaders are now lending their full support to the Biafra struggles. 

“The current diplomatic efforts by my brother on Biafra restoration are yielding positive results”, Kanu said. 

“I feel very relieved by your visit today. I want the truth to be told so that the world will better understand the level of destruction in our house by the Nigerian military. Refuse to be bought over by the government and don’t compromise your findings”, Kanu was quoted as saying.