Breaking: Trump issues 73 Presidential pardons and 70 commutations last hours in office (Full List)

With just few hours left to be President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has issued 73 Presidential pardons and 70 commutations.

The pardons announced between late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, become one of his final acts before he leaves office on Wednesday.

According to The Washington Post, Trump and close aides, including his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, drew up the list during a Sunday meeting in the Oval Office. 

The New York Times also reported that Ivanka sent the final list to the White House counsel’s office for approval and that the Justice Department’s pardon office, which typically reviews who gets executive clemency grants, was not included in the process.

The celebrities among those pardoned include rappers Lil Wayne, real name, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, and Kodak Black.

Lil Wayne, 38,  pleaded guilty last month to possessing a loaded, gold-plated handgun when his chartered jet landed in Miami in December 2019. He faced a sentence of up to 10 years in prison having previously served eight months in jail in New York, after being convicted of criminal possession of a weapon.

Kodak Black, 23, who was born Bill Kahan Kapri, is in federal prison for making a false statement in order to buy a firearm. He was sentenced to 46 months in prison on federal weapons charges in 2019.

He admitted to lying on background-check forms while buying multiple firearms. Two of the weapons were later found by police at crime scenes, including one with Black’s fingerprints and a live round in the chamber that had been used to fire at a “rival rap artist.” 

Others on the list include,

  • George Papadopoulos, a former Trump campaign foreign policy aide who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in the Mueller probe.
  • Alex van der Zwaan, a Dutch lawyer who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in the Mueller probe.
  • Roger Stone, a Republican strategist who was convicted in the Mueller probe of multiple felony counts of making false statements, obstruction, and witness tampering.
  • Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman who was convicted of eight counts of tax fraud, bank fraud, and failure to report foreign bank accounts, and who pleaded guilty to conspiracy and obstruction.
  • Charles Kushner, Jared’s father and a former real estate businessman who pleaded guilty in 2005 to 16 counts of tax evasion, one count of retaliating against a federal witness, and one count of lying to the Federal Election Commission.
  • Former Republican congressman Steve Stockman, who was convicted on 23 counts of fraud, money laundering, conspiracy, and false statements.
  • Former Republican congressman Chris Collins, who pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI and conspiring to commit securities fraud
  • Former Republican congressman Duncan Hunter and his wife, Margaret, who pleaded guilty to misusing campaign funds.
  • Four former Blackwater guards convicted in connection to the massacre of more than a dozen Iraqi civilians in Baghdad’s Nisour Square in 2007.
  • Two former Border Patrol agents convicted of shooting and injuring an unarmed undocumented immigrant in 2006.

However, a number of individuals speculated to receive a pardon or commutation did not appear on the president’s final list, including Rudy Giuliani, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Joe Exotic.

It was also reported that some Trump allies believe many of the recipients were people the president expects to enjoy beneficial relationships with after he leaves office.

Click HERE to read details, including the crimes/offences, of all those pardoned by Trump in the White House press release. Below are their names

  1. Todd Boulanger
  2. Abel Holtz
  3. Representative Rick Renzi
  4. Kenneth Kurson
  5. Casey Urlacher
  6. Carl Andrews Boggs
  7. Jaime A. Davidson
  8. James E. Johnson, Jr.
  9. Tommaso Buti
  10. Bill K. Kapri
  11. Jawad A. Musa
  12. Adriana Shayota
  13. Glen Moss
  14. Anthony Levandowski
  15. Aviem Sella
  16. Michael Liberty
  17. Greg Reyes
  18. Ferrell Damon Scott
  19. Jerry Donnell Walden
  20. Jeffrey Alan Conway
  21. Benedict Olberding
  22. Syrita Steib-Martin
  23. Lou Hobbs
  24. Matthew Antoine Canady
  25. Mario Claiborne
  26. Rodney Nakia Gibson
  27. Tom Leroy Whitehurst
  28. Monstsho Eugene Vernon
  29. Luis Fernando Sicard
  30. DeWayne Phelps
  31. Isaac Nelson
  32. Traie Tavares Kelly
  33. Javier Gonzales
  34. Eric Wesley Patton
  35. Robert William Cawthon
  36. Hal Knudson Mergler
  37. Gary Evan Hendler
  38. John Harold Wall
  39. Steven Samuel Grantham
  40. Clarence Olin Freeman
  41. Fred Keith Alford
  42. John Knock
  43. Kenneth Charles Fragoso
  44. Luis Gonzalez
  45. Anthony DeJohn
  46. Corvain Cooper
  47. Way Quoe Long
  48. Michael Pelletier
  49. Craig Cesal
  50. Darrell Frazier
  51. Lavonne Roach
  52. Blanca Virgen
  53. Robert Francis
  54. Brian Simmons
  55. Derrick Smith
  56. Raymond Hersman
  57. David Barren
  58. James Romans
  59. Jonathon Braun
  60. Michael Harris
  61. Kyle Kimoto
  62. Chalana McFarland
  63. Eliyahu Weinstein
  64. John Estin Davis
  65. Alex Adjmi
  66. Elliott Broidy
  67. Stephen K. Bannon
  68. Douglas Jemal
  69. Noah Kleinman
  70. Dr. Scott Harkonen
  71. Johnny D. Phillips, Jr
  72. Dr. Mahmoud Reza Banki
  73. Tena Logan
  74. MaryAnne Locke
  75. April Coots
  76. Caroline Yeats
  77. Jodi Lynn Richter
  78. Kristina Bohnenkamp
  79. Mary Roberts
  80. Cassandra Ann Kasowski
  81. Lerna Lea Paulson
  82. Ann Butler
  83. Sydney Navarro
  84. Tara Perry
  85. John Nystrom
  86. Gregory Jorgensen, Deborah Jorgensen, Martin Jorgensen
  87. Jessica Frease
  88. Robert Cannon “Robin” Hayes
  89. Thomas Kenton “Ken” Ford
  90. Jon Harder
  91. Scott Conor Crosby
  92. Chris Young
  93. Adrianne Miller
  94. Lynn Barney
  95. Joshua J. Smith
  96. Amy Povah
  97. Dr. Frederick Nahas
  98. David Tamman
  99. Dr. Faustino Bernadett
  100. Paul Erickson
  101. Kwame Kilpatrick
  102. Fred “Dave” Clark
  103. Todd Farha, Thaddeus Bereday, William Kale, Paul Behrens, Peter Clay
  104. David Rowland
  105. Randall “Duke” Cunningham
  106. William Walters
  107. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.
  108. Stephen Odzer
  109. James Brian Cruz
  110. Joey Hancock
  111. David E. Miller
  112. James Austin Hayes
  113. Drew Brownstein
  114. Robert Bowker
  115. Amir Khan
  116. Shalom Weiss
  117. Salomon Melgen
  118. Patrick Lee Swisher
  119. Robert Sherrill
  120. Dr. Robert S. Corkern
  121. David Lamar Clanton
  122. George Gilmore
  123. Desiree Perez
  124. Robert “Bob” Zangrillo
  125. Hillel Nahmad
  126. Brian McSwain
  127. John Duncan Fordham
  128. William “Ed” Henry