Court Gives Verdict on DSS’ Move to Arrest CBN Governor Emefiele

The request made to a Federal High Court in Abuja by the Department of State Services (DSS) to receive order to arrest and detain Godwin Emefiele, the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has been declined.

According to the presiding Judge, Justice J. T. Tsoho, the report made by the DSS against the CBN governor for charges of terrorism didn’t come with substantial evidence.

Since the charges claim that Godwin Emefiele used public funds to finance terrorism and engage in other economic crimes, the court said that the application should include the approval of the president because of the horrible impact the conviction of the CBN governor is going to have on the Nigerian economy.

There are reports that the move to remand Emefiele in prison was influenced by some politicians because of the redesigned Naira notes that are to replace former ones very soon and the cash-withdrawal-limit policy by the CBN.

On Monday, it was noted that a group of civil society corporations raised alarm regarding a malicious plot against Emefiele for terrorism, with the goal of removing him from office.

Meanwhile, the DSS had launched its investigation on the matter and has warned Nigerians to avoid being used to hamper their investigations.

According to Peter Afunanya, the spokesperson for DSS, the security service organization will not allow any propaganda to distract it from its duties concerning national security, which it has always “discharged… in the overall interest of Nigerian citizens”.

He continues: “As such, the Service will continue to disseminate actionable intelligence to the relevant authorities devoid of any sentiment.

“While professionally discharging its mandate, the DSS pledges to remain focused and unbiased. It will not, by any means, succumb to propaganda, intimidation and the desperation of hirelings to undermine it.

“It will also not give room to the use of falsehood and deceit to misdirect public understanding and perceptions of issues of national importance.

“Given not to join issues, the Service warns those on a wild goose chase to be mindful of their actions. Similarly, it urges members of the public to disregard the vituperations and rantings of misguided elements and not allow themselves to be used as instruments of destabilisation.

“Notably, these elements should remember the famous axiom that ‘you will only deceive some people, some of the time, but not all people, all the time’.

“To put it succinctly, the Service will not be distracted by persons and/or groups from carrying out its duties to the Nation, citizens, and, President and Commander-in-Chief.”

However, Yettima Shettima, president of the Arewa Youths, said that the Arewa youths support CBN and its policies regarding the withdrawal limits because they believe it will help fight crimes and will benefit the general public.