Cute little boy goes viral after a video of him begging his mum hit the Internet

A little boy has caught the attention of many netizens who couldn’t help but love and sympathise with him after a hilarious video of him begging his mother was shared online.

In the viral video, the cute boy is seen begging after his mother tried to punish him for doing something she warned him not to do. In his effort to avert being flogged, he was smartly telling his mum to ‘calm down’ and even demonstrated how she should do it.

He went on to vow not to repeat the wrongdoing, that he should be given the another chance, “the last chance in the world”. When his pleas seem to be falling on deaf hears as his mum insisted on flogging him, he refused to give up on getting mercy and asked his mum to be given a chance to asked “one question”.

Watch the hilarious video below.

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