Hear what Atiku Abubakar has to say about RUGA

The establishment of Ruga settlement for herdsmen was an initiation of the Buhari led Federal Government as a supposed solution to the incessant herdsmen/farmers clashes in Nigeria.

Many Nigerians, including governors from the southern part of Nigeria, former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Prof Wole Soyinka, protested against the decision of the government to carry on with the project, with many saying it’s a Fulanisation/Islamisation agenda which had to be resisted.

The heated controversy generated by Nigerians’ protest forced the government to announce the suspension of the project.

During the time Nigerians were kicking against the project, Atike Abubakar, the former vice president and Presidential candidate of the PDP in the last election did not make a comment about it. Which is why former Aviation minister and chieftain of the PDP, Femi Fani-Kayode today asked Atiku to make known what his position is on the Ruga establishement.

Atike obliged Femi and said:

My position on Ruga is the same as articulated by the Governors elected under the banner of my party, the PDP. My position has been well iterated by our Governors & the PDP is one. I will not dignify that threat with a response. There is no North or South. There is just Nigeria.

Below is Femi’s question:

I have 3 questions for @atiku, the man who I believe won the 2019 presidential election.
1. What is your position on RUGA?
2. Why have you not said one word about it?
3. What is your position on the threat and 30-day ultimatum made by Arewa youths against southerners?

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