Heartbreaking: How James Nwafor in charge of SARS allegedly killed Chijioke (Video)

The story of Chijioke Iloanya, a 20-year-old who was allegedly killed by a notorious SARS operative identified as CSP James Nwafor in 2012 in Anambra state, has continue to attract reactions from people who have expressed outrage over his gruesome murder.

A lady took the liberty of sharing the heartbreaking story of Chijioke during the Night of Candle Lights organized to mourn the young people who have been extra-judicially killed by corrupt and brutal police officers.

The lady began the story thus:

“Who don’t know this story of Chijioke, I’m just going to tell you quickly.

“So, Chijioke was 20 years old in 2012 and he went for a Child Dedication. He was picked up there. And, he was allegedly taken to SARS office.

“When his family went to look for him, they were told that he had been taken to the Headquarters. They went there to find him. His mother spotted him being brought into the station. And she said, ‘That’s my child.’

“And, the officer incharge of that station, the notorious Nwafor, asked that they should push her and the family out of the premises. And then they were pushed out. Since then, they haven’t seen Chijioke again.

“The next time they went, the officer Nwafor boasted that he shot Chijioke and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

“They searched for him. And, then some other officers told the parents that it’s possible he hasn’t died. That the man (Nwafor) could just be bluffing. They should bring some money to bribe him.

“The father brought some money, the officer said the money was too small. The father went and sold his land, sold some properties to raise three million. He gave it to the man. The man said, ‘3 million was chicken change!’

“And, the most horifying part of this story, if you are a parent, that man CSP Nwafor, made Chijioke’s dad to look for Chijioke’s body in a river of dead bodies. He made him turn every single corpse upside down, searching for his son.

“I can’t imagine what the man was going through. One part of him will think, ‘Let me find this body so that we can have closure.’ Another Part of him will think, ‘Let me not find this body so that we can have hope.’

“This is the impunity with which officers have treated us!

“They (Chijioke’s family) came to Abuja to seek justice. The State CID told them they will have to pay money to transport officers down to the state where it happened to investigate. We have no system.”

Watch the video below.

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