Highlight of all Peter Obi said during Arise TV interview

Peter Obi, the 2023 Presidential candidate for Labour Party, has addressed the controversies surrounding him in a recent interview.

During his interview on Arise TV on Monday night, 1st May he addressed the major rumours concerning him include his relationship status with the President-elect, Bola Tinubu, his experience with the UK authorities, and his dealings in the UK.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, @DrTheodo highlighted the key points of the interview.

“1- ON BEING DETAINED IN UK Peter Obi- I was never detained, I was stopped for a routine immigration check in the UK because it appears that my identity was duplicated by someone. NEVER arrested. I was treated with due respect and walked through the VIP process. Everything lasted less than 20mins.

“2- ON LIA MOHAMMAD PO – They said,I committed a treasonable in Nigeria, I am in Onitsha and my minister went to Washington to announce treason against me. This is the rascality we are talking abt. The amount he wasted, could have been used to build a block of 6 classrooms in his village. It is a waste.

“3- ON LAMIDI APAPA Peter Obi – I have never met the Apapa in my life. The Labour Party has no issue. We know they have paid him to cause confusion, and since he has collected his money, we are still contemplating asking him to come back.

“4- ON CHUDE’S ARREST Peter Obi: ” Nigeria is a place where young people are thrown in jail for making comments”

“5- ON FLAWED PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION PO: We went into the election wit the strong faith in the law signed by Buhari. FG spent billions of Naira for the election. Buhari wld’ve just appointed his successor & invested the money in other sector of the Economy instead of this shamble.

“6- ON DOCTORED VOICE CALL WITH BISHOP OYEDEPO Peter Obi: “Let’s assume I even begged Bishop to tell his congregation to vote for me so as to save Nigeria, is it not better than telling my followers to snatch it, steal it, and run away with it.

“7- ON DUAL CITIZENSHIP Peter Obi- I had an indefinite UK residency. In 2005, I went to UK and returned it to them. I now travel to UK with Visa. I was born a Nigerian, and I will not apply for citizenship of any other country.

“8- ON WOLE SOYINKA PO- I was very sad that there was such exchange. Some of the pple they mentioned are not entirely pple who are with us. At the same time u have to understand them, this young pple had been so deprived by supposedly a system thats supposed to care for them. Theyve been pushed to the wall. Even me, the way they even react to me but I cld understand them.

“9- ON ALLEVIATING POVERTY IN THE NORTH Peter Obi- I said I will start fighting poverty from the north and some people are throwing tantrums that I am insulting the north but when you look at our poverty index we have more people living in poverty in the north than any other region..which is why I insist on huge investment in agriculture.

“10- ON BEING A RELIGIOUS BIGOT Peter Obi- I am not a religious or tribal bigot infact since 1999 till date am the only non muslim former governor who have sent more Muslim and Christian to pilgrimage. They even said I asked Northerners to put on ID cards and even demolished mosques but we saw during the sala when the Muslim community in Onitsha and awka said I was the one that rebuilt their mosque that was destroyed by a former governor.

“11- ON MEETING WITH TINUBU PO- I have never for one day visited Bola Tinubu

“All the propagandas have been put to rest, agbados and SPVs boys can now come up with new ones”

The tweet ended with a comment, saying “HE Mr. Peter Obi on Arise Tv.”

Post on Peter Obi's interview on Arise TV
Post on Peter Obi's interview on Arise TV
Post on Peter Obi's interview on Arise TV
Post on Peter Obi's interview on Arise TV
Post on Peter Obi's interview on Arise TV