Horrible! Robbers force businessman and his wife to have s3x while they filmed

A couple were subjected to a horrible experience as the robbers who broke into their bedroom forced them to have sex all night while they (the robbers) filmed the act. 

The incident which took place in Beitbridge, Zimbabwe saw Moyo and his wife being forced to be intimate while they recorded a video and later sprayed the couple with an irritant substance.

New Zimbabwe reported that while some of the attackers assaulted Moyo and his wife with an axe handle, others were searching the house for valuables and money.

Prosecutor Munyonga Kuvarega alleged that the suspects broke into businessman Edson Moyo’s home on January 5 2021 at around 1 am wielding machetes, axes and logs.

The court heard they stole valuables such as mobile phones, a radio, diamond rings, necklaces, R570 cash and grocery all worth R6 570.

One of the suspects, Luzondano Mudenda (31) of Moniff low-density in Beitbridge appeared at the Beitbridge Magistrates’ Courts Tuesday, was charged with robbery and possession of dangerous drugs.

He denied the charges when he appeared before Magistrate Toindepi Zhou, who remanded him in custody till February 16 for trial.

The court heard that on January 9 at 3 pm, Moyo saw Mudenda and followed him at a distance until he entered a certain house. The next day, Moyo made a report to the police leading to Mudenda’s arrest.

Property worth only R20 was recovered from him together with the machete they used to intimidate the victims.